Inconsequential Vote of Confidence And Imperative of Doctrine of Necessity In Ondo By Enoch Akinwole

Inconsequential Vote of Confidence And Imperative of Doctrine of Necessity In Ondo
By Enoch Akinwole

A drama that was obviously coated with the garments of desperation and humour ensued in Ondo State on Thursday, November 16, 2023, when members of the State Executive Council passed a vote of confidence in the Governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu. It was ludicrous however, that the political appointees could deem it necessary to pass a vote of confidence in an absentee governor who has not been seen anywhere near his Alagbaka office in almost 70 days.

Inasmuch as the appointees of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu could not be blamed for the desperate effort to preserve their pot of soup, it is equally curious that two out of the commissioners did not append their signatures on the vote of confidence document. The two concerned appointees were the Commissioner for Energy and Minerals Resources, Razak Obe, and the Commissioner for Commerce Industry and Cooperatives, Samson Sowore. Although they had blamed their failure to append a signature on not being carried along early enough.

Meanwhile, the vote of confidence deserves to be interrogated to determine if it was actually done in the interest of Ondo State or the interest of the appointees. It is without doubt that the vote of confidence was largely passed to perpetuate access of the political appointees to the treasury and resources of Ondo State. None of the political appointees could dispute the fact that governance has become crippled in Ondo State due to the sickness of the state governor.

Further interrogation of the vote of confidence would reveal that it is basically null and void and of no effect. After all, the Nigerian constitution and her democratic system made no provision for a vote of confidence. Also, as posited by the Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, Samson Sowore, he made it clear that the appointees could not have passed a vote of no confidence to remove the governor who is their principal. He added that any of the appointees who are not comfortable with the present state of things in Ondo State can only show displeasure by tendering resignation of appointment letter.

To be very honest, the vote of confidence passed in Governor Akeredolu was totally needles and it has instead heightened suspicion on the health condition of Aketi. The appointees ought to have known that their poorly thought-out move would definitely be counterproductive and also shift public sympathy away from the ailing governor. Silence would have been a lot more golden and preferable than the vote of confidence that has only stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Meanwhile, elders and leaders of Ondo State had earlier met on Monday, November 13 at the Akure residence of Pa Reuben Fasoranti. It was agreed at the meeting that there should be no impeachment of either Governor Akeredolu or his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa. The elders also expressed their displeasure with happenings in Ondo State and assured that their meeting would be a continuous one.

However, both the elders and the political appointees apparently knew the truth about the health status of Governor Akeredolu but only chose to be silent. Of a truth, silence is known to be golden, but could also be very dangerous. Anyone who knows that Akeredolu is not medically fit to govern Ondo State for now, but chose not to speak out will definitely have a date with the condemnable side of posterity. Everyone who genuinely loves Ondo State must be bold enough to tell Governor Akeredolu and his family the honest truth.

While Governor Akeredolu is still recuperating in Ibadan, his hair apparent, Babajide Akwredolu has taken charge as the defacto governor of Ondo State. Babajide recklessly threw caution to the wind this week when he was seen
inspecting government projects at the OkeI-jebu area of Akure with the full complement of the Governor’s convoy and security details. This is totally condemnable and unacceptable because the people of Ondo State never elected Babajide Akeredolu as their governor.

There have been disturbing shreds of evidence that point to the indisputable fact that Governor Akeredolu is seriously sick. The Aketi we all know would never have kept mute for almost 70 days since he returned to Ibadan from Germany without addressing the people of Ondo State, even for only five minutes. The Aketi we know would never have agreed to be holed up in Ibadan if not for serious sickness. The Aketi we know would have been speaking on national issues if not for being very sick. Above all, the shocking facial expressions of Governors Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti and Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State suggested the worrisome health status of Aketi when the Southwest governors visited him at his Ibadan home.

In all honesty, Aketi has done no wrong by falling sick. He is a mortal that can fall sick and recover from whatever sickness. But the man and his family have not been fair enough to him in the ephemeral quest for power, wealth, and governance. Aketi should not have concerned himself with power and governance at such a critical time that he needs to attend to his rest. God In His infinite mercy has been so good and kind to Governor Akeredolu. The man ought to think less of power and governance at this time because only the living and healthy can aspire to conquer new grounds.

It has now become pertinent for all the good people of Ondo State, President Bola Tinubu, and the national leadership of the All Progressive Congress to prevail on the members of Ondo State House of Assembly to invoke the doctrine of necessity. The doctrine should simply confer the power of the Acting Governor on the Deputy Governor, while Aketi should take time out to attend to his health. Under the doctrine, Aketi will of course resume work once he is fit enough to govern. The ongoing shenanigan in Ondo State has to stop forthwith and this is the least that people of conscience can do to save the Sunshine State from becoming a complete laughing stock in Nigeria.

Inasmuch as the people of Ondo State genuinely love Aketi, governance should not be allowed to crumble because of their love for him. Ondo State has unfortunately been consigned to the backstage due to the sickness of Governor Akeredolu. The Sunshine State has not had any representative at the monthly Federal Executive Council meeting since August 2023. Also, the State Executive Council meeting was last held in August 2023 when the deputy governor was still holding sway as the Acting Governor. Things are rapidly becoming unbecoming for Ondo State and the state must be rescued from the cabal holding her by the neck as soon as possible.