Opinion: The Hope of the Black Race is the Giant of Africa By Bisayo Busari-Akinnadeju

The past weeks have found Nigerians again uniting for one purpose, WINNING, the African cup of nations. For a country whose people are going through one of the hardest economic downturns in a bid to restructure the country, victories in a game of football are a great gift.

I have always held the torch of hope for a better future, and I remain undaunted in my resolve. History has shown us that there are many countries of the world that had to go through their hardest seasons before finding a balance. The United States went through the depression, and Singapore went through her bleak moments, Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates, went through dark moments before vision took over.

In my analysis of our dear country, what needs to be fixed since independence and after amalgamation is just receiving attention for the first time under the current regime. Every past administration, both military and civilian, were in their own way gathering bricks and stones for development without actually restarting or rebuilding the faulty foundation. If we can achieve unity of purpose, common vision, and a national dream, the successes can be measured quantitatively.

One of my favourite quotes is that where the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Also, where one fails to turn its lemon into lemonade, sour tastes are a must. In the general parlance, you must have heard that Nigeria is a marriage of unlikely bedfellows, but what happens when unlikely bedfellows adopt innovation and strategies that make them cohabit successfully thereby creating a union never envisaged, studied or understood by the entity responsible for the amalgamation. If Nigerians are able to decipher the purpose of their unity, the progress attainable from being united, and turn every weakness to strength, the citizens would rejoice, and the world at large would be better.

I have also held the opinion that the world would not know peace until Nigeria finds its right footing because hardly would you not find a Nigerian in very important sectors in different countries.My country men and women contribute to every sector in the thriving world, even though they may claim other citizenship. Nigerians in every nook and cranies are highly influential people. Thus, to get Nigeria right is to get the world right. Otherwise, the influence all over the planet can not be positive.

It is my hope that beyond football, music, and arts, we find every unique thing that binds us together and celebrates as much as we are celebrating our successes.

Let’s remember that water will find its level and Nigeria will indeed be better in the coming years such that people will queue to secure visas to Nigeria. This is a realistic aspiration.

Let’s keep the hope high regardless of the challenges that may come our way, even in the face of what we are already facing. The sun can not be held back by the clouds. The giant can not be dwarfed by the heels of a short man. Nigeria is indeed the giant of Africa. The hope of the black race and Nigeria will be great.
My name is Bisayo Busari-Akinnadeju, and I am a Nigerian

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